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Mad Cow Cutlery is more than just a leading retailer of quality cutlery; we are also a quickly growing distributor of some of the most popular commercial knife lines in the world.  From our new warehouse in Texas we have expanded our abilities to quickly handle your wholesale order, while providing some of the lowest wholesale prices.  Our goal is simple--we want our retailers to be successful.

By using Mad Cow Cutlery as your knife distributor you receive not only great pricing, but you also will be working with someone in the industry that can help you be successful.  By purchasing from Mad Cow Cutlery, you will not be forced to place huge opening orders, and once you have established your account with us, all future orders have no minimum.  You will also receive seasonal buy in options and sale pricing, as well as have the opportunity to purchase manufacturer overstocks at extremely reduced prices.  

So you may be curious if you qualify to purchase and what type of business you need.  Basically, if you have a retail sales permit from your state, county, or city, and can place an opening order of $150 before shipping, then you will be able to establish a wholesale account with Mad Cow Cutlery.  Your permit will need to indicate that your business is involved in retail sales.   If you don't have a sales permit, don't get discourage, because in many states the application process is very simple with low fees.  

We do understand that sometimes it isn't practical for your type of selling to get a license, so we do offer an alternative to the above.  If you can provide a written summary of where you plan on selling the products and can place an opening order of $500, then you can also establish an account--remember all orders after your initial order have no minimum.  

As a wholesale account holder you are able to purchase the following products at wholesale prices:  Victorinox and F. Dick knives, cutting boards, stainless steel kitchen utensils, sharpening stones from manufacturers such as Norton, knife cases, blade guards, cut resistant gloves, and various grilling tools.  As we expand our wholesale division we expect more manufacturers to be added.

Our current customers include knife shops, online sellers, gun/knife shows, swap meets, flea markets, farmers markets, traveling knife sharpeners, outdoor supply stores, hardware stores, marinas, hunting resorts, and small meat and produce distributors.  We have also seen an increase in the number of seasonal sellers setting up stands in their front yards selling to fishermen heading to and from the lake--obviously you will need to live along a route where hunters, fishermen, hikers, etc. travel.  This method also works well during yard sales.

We are currently looking for more sellers that make knife/gun shows and individuals that are looking to add products to be sold at festivals, events, and especially bbq competitions.  Certain events such as bbq competitions, hunting/fishing events, food festivals, and farm/garden events tend to be strong markets for commercial quality knives, cutting boards and utensils that you would be able to sell.  These types of events are full of people that use these products and know quality products.  You also have a customer base that is already in the mood to spend, are looking for quality products, and unlikely to price shop.  

If interested in setting up a wholesale account or have a question, please email customer service or use the contact us link at the bottom of the homepage.  Our wholesale pricing is based off of a percentage off the list price, prior to shipping being added.  Customer will be charged actual shipping charges.  At times there will be special discounts and wholesale only offers.