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Poly Butcher's Knife and Hook Scabbard

Poly Butcher's Knife and Hook Scabbard
Poly Butcher's Knife and Hook Scabbard
White Poly Construction

18" Total Length

14" Knife Pouch Length

Multiple Attachment Points

Boning Knife Cut-Off Line At 9" To Make Shortening Easier

Hook Holder

SKU: POLY42027

Price: $17.99
Regular Price: $24.99
Our poly safety scabbard is an economical way to keep your knives and hook readily available when working. Great for meat processing establishments, butcher shops, grocery store meat markets, bbq competitors and hunters.

Holds two knives. Will hold knives with blades up to nearly 14" in length. The scabbard also features a cut-off line to assist those wanting to cut the scabbard down in length--useful for users that are using knives below 9" in blade length and do not need extra length in their scabbard.

Scabbard features two slots for attaching to a flat belt, but it also comes with two holes for attaching clasps for use with chain belts.

Hook holder on the front of the scabbard allows the handle of your meat hook to attach to the scabbard. Works best with the flat handle hooks, but round handle hooks will also fit (the round handles will need some form of strap or band to keep the hook from coming off the scabbard).