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Customer Service

At Mad Cow Cutlery we value our customers and make every attempt to answer customer questions as quickly as possible.

You can use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of each page, or email us at:

Starting the Spring of 2014 we eliminated phone support. We are a family owned and operated business with a small number of employees to handle all the daily business activities to market, sell, and ship products, as well as handle a large number of daily emails. Due to shrinking margins, and rising business expenses, we made the decision that in order to compete with sellers working out of their homes, or the large online marketplaces like Amazon, we needed to cut expenses somewhere. We still will answer all your product questions, but many times we can answer product questions faster by email since we can send links to product descriptions, pdf catalogs, information sheets, or video links.

We apologize for lack of phone support, and no one lost their job - we have been able to expand our business into other areas by eliminating phone support creating a new position with better pay.